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This is the first time I have written a review! And from the heart Marina is a true angel 😇. I did a childcare course online positive parenting solutions but it made me reflect on my own childhood. I always felt bad for being the “naughty as a child ''. I couldn’t shake these feelings and felt like I was in physical pain. I was naughty because I never felt part of the family listened too or loved. I looked at different therapists and Marina’s words on her page hit me to the core. I contacted her and I believed I was happy content and not anxious and my life was ok about this one minor thing. After the first session I was so excited because my homework was do do something for myself! How easy I can’t wait. I went for a walk. It took 2 hours to get out of the car and I felt terrible! I wanted a bath and it took 3 hours before I could have one! I felt so awful about myself I was ill. Marina taught me I had been programmed to feel bad if I wanted to do something for myself... Marina gave me the skills and took me to a happy place every time I felt unable to cope. I can now do things for myself and feel so happy. I have learnt to surf, I horse ride again and discovered so many beautiful places in Cornwall and walks. My life I have always been a victim and it was always poor me! Marina taught me to take responsibility for my actions and not to feel bad.to take responsibility for my life to communicate my feelings. To make me feel it’s ok to be me that I’m ok 🙂. I got rid of a toxic relationship. I made new friends. I'm on the path to applying for my dream job. I’m so much closer to my children and They are so much happier because I’m happy. My life I was told I was no good. I was dyslexic that I needed to be grateful and I could never go for my dreams! If you have to make one decision in this life make it Marina and invest in you. Marina will give you the keys 🔑 to unlock your destiny. Thank you Marina. I can't wait for our weekly zoom meetings. I wish I met you 20 years ago. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. 😘
Leia V
April 2022
I was really scared of entering therapy after a bad experience and when I had to attend therapy as per requirement for my Doctorate, I was very apprehensive. However, Marina is very person-centred and allows you to talk about what you need whilst gently challenging you. I am really benefitting from therapy and I am glad I chose Marina.
Amy Leigh
February 2022
Marina is the first therapist who I've felt has made a real difference in my life and has helped me find ways to deal with my problems constructively. I feel totally listened to and have never felt judged. She's also helped me to consider situations from a different angle and has helped me discover new outlooks and approaches. I fully recommed her. Thanks Marina!
Sara R-Scott
January 2022
I started therapy with Marina at Strawberry Fields Therapy around a month ago and it's been the best decision I could have made. Marina has helped bring me into new realisations and identify root causes of some of my present day behaviour in life. I thoroughly look forward to our sessions each week and would highly recommend Marina.
May 2021
As a student of the EFT Tapping Training to become a Therapist of this very special and amazing technique, I can certainly sum up to the positive feedback about Marina, constantly leveraging your strengths, skillfully laser correcting where necessary, supporting you with her knowledge and experience to help you be a more effective and helpful professional, also generously sharing about her path and pitfalls encountered along the way. I feel privileged to being mentored by her in this endeavour and am very grateful for her work with me. I wish her ongoing satisfaction and success.
June 2021
“Deciding it’s time to see a therapist can be a difficult decision, one that can be put off for a long time. You can tell yourself that you’re fine, that you don’t need the support or advice from a therapist, that you can manage just fine on your own. This is what I told myself, that I could just keep going. But really, I was just trying to convince myself. Marina has been of huge support. Her kindness, patience and understanding has helped me so much. She has helped and continues to help me understand many things about myself and has given me much freedom from negative perceptions, thoughts and habits. At times, it has been a challenge to unlearn unhelpful and often false lessons and to learn to see things more objectively, to understand the difference between fact and feeling and to look at situations in a balanced light. The progress Marina has supported me to make has been gradual but definite. It has only been several weeks and I’m still doing the work, but I can honestly say I haven’t felt this at peace in years. Thank you, Marina.”
M. C. (Cornwall)
October 2021
Marina has been an excellent therapist for the four months I've been seeing her. She uses a range of helpful techniques, is kind and constructive, and has really helped me make progress in the areas I said I wanted to address at the beginning of the sessions. I would highly recommend Marina.
Claire Fenner
November 2021
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